How to enter-
Start This pose with child pose, From the Child pose, Come to the table top pose and the drop your forearm down , Now interlock Your fingers and firm the skin of your outer forearm in, Now as you place the centre of the head, again check only centre of the head you’ll hurt your neck, Now Check that elbow and shoulder should be align,Press your fore arm and start walking as close as you can come towards the head and the bend one knee and life your feet up, while taking support of there other foot, Inhale, Now slowly press your forearm, and lift your other foot off to the floor. Then may be you can stay there or with every inhale you can straight your both leg.
Now activate your front of the thigh,. And keep your inner ankle together.

Alignment cues –

Centre of the head on the floor.
Try to put 75% weight on the forearm by activating it.
Shoulder blades apart from each other.
Core engaged or suck the belly in.
Rotate your thigh in and engaged.
Try to engage your butts but same time keep your inner ankle together.
Avoid banana back,

How to finish-

As you hold the pose 2-3 minutes , Exhale and slowly Bring your leg down, But make sure do it slowly and with active leg. And go to the child pose.

Modification of the pose-

As a beginner to lift your leg up, use brick under your feet to get hight,
Take the support of the wall.
There’s many modification for the head pose, You must visit Retreat centre for learn deeper.

Benefits of the Pose –

Help to release stress,
Very good for arthirites.
Help to stimulate pituitary gland,pineal gland.
Good for digestive system.
Imporoves concentration and brain health,
Good for ear, eyes,
Increases the strength of the hairs as fresh blood goes to follicle and scalps,
Help to increase the glow of face.

Contraindication of the pose-

Avoid if you Got lower back Injury.
Avoid if you got any injury related to brain.
Pregnant woman should avoid it.

Preparatory pose –

Shashank asana
Adho mukha swanasana
Wall Sirsasana ( Headstand)

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